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Hybrid Teams

Hybrid Teams

This option is for all serious and thoroughly committed players who would like to compete at the highest level. Although it should have no overlapping commitments, the time commitment is lessened. Court time during tournaments will be at coaches’ discretion, with an emphasis on team and player success.  All players will participate in tournaments.  Attendance at all practices and tournaments is expected.  Do not tryout for a Hybrid team if you cannot make and keep the commitment.  Hybrid Team tournament competition is less demanding, and includes less travel.  Fewer are multi-day, over holiday weekends, with an occasional overnight. There COULD be 1 or 2 missed days of school.  Team will participate in schedule adjustments.  Find more info on the NCVA Website.

Players who have an interest in playing in High School and College use this as a stepping stone to participate in qualifying tournaments that are often scouted by coaches.

  • Practice – 2 x per week at 2 hours each. 

  • Tournaments: 12 tournament days.  If the team qualifies or receives a bid at any of these tournaments, the team may or may not participate in Jr. Nationals which is usually held in July.  If team agrees to participate, practises will continue until the end of June to prepare for Jr. Nationals Competition.

  • NCVA Power league tournaments 

  • Special Tournaments (3 - 4) - Overnight travel is expected.

  • Attendance is expected at ALL practices and tournaments

  • Season - 5-6 months Club Season January thru May, (may have gym time in Dec).

  • Cost** $4,000.00